About us


With a lifetime of deep rooted passion for animals of all shapes and sizes, a future surrounded by animals wasn't hard to imagine.  Since early childhood, I would take every opportunity to be near some sort of animal-- from being glued to the neighbor's yard playing with their sweet German Shepard, to visiting rescue/shelter animals ranging from dwarf bunnies to Great Danes.  Even on the computer satisfying my animal obsession by watching and learning anything from animal documentaries to picking up tips and pointers from both American dog expert Cesar Millan and British dog expert Victoria Stilwell.  The years spent working as a volunteer at the Hawaiian Humane Society just further deepened my desire for all dogs to be healthy and (best of all) happy!

You know what I'm talking about-- nothing in the world beats that sweet doggy smile!

However, I know there are times where life just doesn't give you the opportunity to completely fulfill your pup's daily needs, whether it be a normal busy work day or a business trip out of town.  This is where we step in for you, to add that magic finishing touch to fulfill your pup's daily needs of exercise, socialization, and just pure playful fun; leaving them fulfilled and ready to relax with you after your busy day.  We are a kennel free, privately owned small daycare and boarding.  This means your precious pup won't get lost in the fluffy fur bodies of other, or bigger dogs and forgotten.

Exercise stimulates the body and mind, it is well proven as a necessity for good human health and the same applies to our dogs.  The magic of pack walks build social bonds and satisfies their instinctual need to walk/travel, all the while promoting a healthy body and mind.  Therefore, daily walks together as a pack is an absolute must, after all, the pack that walks together, stays together!  Safety is always a top priority and with 9 years of experience working at an established and very successful daycare & boarding facility, as well as a volunteer at a wonderful animal rescue, and as a part time pet sitter and walker; trust in us, your pup will have a great time!

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