Not only do your pups get to enjoy the benefits of daycare fun, they also enjoy a crisp evening & night walk and more time to play with their buddies under the magic that only sleepovers have!  If you choose to stay with us for seven days or more, your pup will also get treated to a complementary refreshing oatmeal based shampoo bath!

Rate = $50/ 24 hrs        

  • second pet receives $5 off the daily rate

Available Times:

  • Drop off
    • Daily:   7-9 am or 4-6 pm
  • Pick up
    • Daily:   7-9 am or 4-6 pm

All dogs must:

  1. Have a valid vaccination record
  2. Be in good health and parasite & worm free
  3. Have successfully completed an evaluation day 
  4. Arrive with a collar (quick release martingale collars are recommended) and leash
  5. Bring their own yummy food from home with their name and meal instructions written clearly
    • applies to any medications too- instructions should be as detailed as possible please
  6. Finally, come with a great attitude ready for an awesome stay-cay!

*it is recommended for all dogs to have stayed (daycare/boarding) with us at least twice within the past month to ensure your pup's time with us is the best it can be!